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22 inch LCD Display Coffee Bean Venidng Machine Made in China

Type no. LE308B
Delivery time within 15-45 working days
Color Black
Communication Protoco MDB
Size 1765*650*560mm
Net weight 220KG/pc
Power 110V~220V/50~60Hz
Rated Power 1400W
Heating/Cooling solution Heating
The mode of making coffee Fresh ground & brewing, imported grinding discur & Brewer
Temperature range Above 100℃
Mode of heat Boiler with Quick heating 
Canister & Mixer qty. 1PC OF COFFEE BEAN TO CUP GRINDER SYSTEM                                                              4 CANISTERS FOR INSTANT POWDER AND SUGAR
Powder Canister capacity 7L/3.5L
Cup capacity 5 groups of barrel cup dispenser, in total 350 7.0 O.Z. paper cups
Stir capacity 450pcs
Sugar select Yes
Water supply 19L water bottle on the bottom, 2 pumps
Internal Boiler water capacity Enough
Product select 21.5inches LED touch screen 
 Drink list
- Latte Macchiato 
- Espresso Macchiato 
- Latte Coffee 
- Cappuccino 
- Macdo (chocolate) 
- Chocolate milk 
- Espresso 
- Black tea 
- Milk tea 
- Chocolate Latte 
- American coffee 
- Espresso coffee with Cholocate 
- White coffee 
- Hot chocolate 
- Hot milk 
- Hot water 
Different drink flavors/pictures/main page can be customized.

1.  Features: 

1.Big LCD screen advertisement;

2.Sales manager system: USB; GPRS optional

3.Large Capacity Canisters;

4.Automatic Cup Dispenser;

5.Adjustable Pricing and Water & Materials Volume

6.Sugar optional, cup counting

7.Money acceptor system:  Bill acceptor & Coin changer optional


1.Num & Capacity of Canisters: one Grinder coffee bean,5 pcs canister for instant  powder 2kg each canister 

2.Selections: 16 Hot Premixed Drinks

3.Water Storage: 8L reservior, 3L hot water

4.Cup Storage & Size: 350 pcs of 7oz cups /400pcs of 6.5oz.

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