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Hotsale small vending machine

Payment option:


Model No.:PKS-A1

Machine Size:85*55*20cm

Voltage:110V~220V / 50~60Hz


Channels:Standard 5 Channels(Add up to 10,optional)Can be adjusted to can drinks.

Payment:Coin,(Bill/Credit card/makes change, optional)

Management: optional


• Vends 10 snack selections, with a total capacity of 100 products.
   The spiral channel can be adjusted to can drinks
• Space saving design
• Rigid all-steel construction for durability
• Energy efficient LED lighting
• Tempered scratch resistant glass window
• Secure threaded lock
• Elecronic pricing
• Electronic coin acceptor and bill acceptor/makes change(Optional)
• Easy loading and recovery of currency
• Bright digital display

How can you sell on it?

Multiple commodity selections:

  Can drinks   Perfume     Lipstick        Cigarette   

  Tampon       Tissue        Coca-Cola     Condom  

  Cigarette    √  Snacks    √  Sex Toys     ...
  Hotels Canteens  Hospitals  Pharmacy   Schools  
 √  Supermarket    Meeting rooms  √  Stores
 √  Waiting room        ...

The advantage of  mini vending machine

  • Low price, save machine cost
  • More Product Profit

Actually,mini vending machines do not have direct competition with retail stores. Mini vending machine can be installed in different places which can solve consumer must demands and urgent needs,so that can obtain more high profit.

  • Small Size,Easy to install

Mini vending machines can also be placed in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, subway stations etc, in where traditional big vending machines are placed.

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